Welcome to our new web site. Our intent is to provide you with the facts so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not barter is for you.

The key to successful barter is every member enjoying new business while saving cash on purchases - a dollar saved is a dollar to the bottom line. Purchases made with credit cards, cheques, or cash all require money earned from previous sales. We offer an alternative. Members with the Canadian Barter System make their purchases with credit earned from new sales - sales that come through the exchange and that they wouldn't otherwise have. Your cash cost is only the cost of your service or inventory, and this is how we increase your purchasing power.

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"As a business owner managing cash flow is one of my main challenges. Canadian Barter System has helped me alleviate some of these challenges by leveraging on the power of barter dollars. Everyone in your organization, from office staff to management, deserve to be recognized for playing their part in making Canadian Barter System the fine organization it is today. They are always working with me to utilize my trade dollars and I am proud to be a part of CBS, what Winnipeg barter is all about."

- The Clean Concept
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